Lavender sachet squirrel 1

Bezaubernde Lavendelkissen für feine Wäsche – Textilkunst-Unikate, die unser Engagement für den Tier- und Naturschutz unterstützen.


Each LITTLE FRIEND is a uniquely original lavender sachet keeper, made by hand with great attention to detail. No two are exactly alike. The little squirrel, sleeping in its nest, almost seems to be alive, because it is soft and three-dimensionally shaped. 

Design, colours, and size may vary slightly, and details may differ from the version shown in the picture. The approximate dimensions are 6 cm in diameter, with a height of 4 cm. Each piece is handmade by textile artist Francesca Mosmea @mosmeatextileart in Northern Italy. The lavender sachet is held in a slide-in pocket under the nest and can be replaced individually.

Every purchase of a LITTLE FRIEND helps support our animal and nature conservation activities.