Inspired by a Japanese female name we called our label AIKYOU, meaning “love, charm and respect”. This attitude informs everything we do. Right from the beginning we had embraced acting and manufacturing in a sustainable way wherever feasible, extending to all aspects of our company. All in all, AIKYOU wants to contribute to a more conscious and responsible economy. Thus the label will make its wearers feel comfortable in that respect, too.

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Timeless style Being fashionable yet not short-dated, our lingerie will be affording you greater pleasure. It can be mixed and matched in many variations. Instead of launching seasonal collections twice a year, which often means wasting valuable resources, we rather expand our model range step by step.

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Skin friendly Our Fairtrade organic cotton (92 % organic cotton, 8 % elastane) has a very pleasant feel to it. And not only is it soft, but made with the environment in mind: dyed according to GOTS guidelines (Global Organic Textile Standard), it avoids any harming substances. In addition to our organic cotton fabric we use various high-grade materials (those which are not yet available at a certified sustainability standard) made from a mix of polyacrylics and elastane, all of them fabricated in Europe. All materials qualify as "Oeko-Tex® Standard 100". They are non-allergenic and, in case of our small accessories like closures and slides, nickel-free.

Fair We use carefully selected materials and accessories, which are fabricated in Germany and Europe to standards of high quality workmanship, and – as far as possible – according to both ecologically and socially sound production methods. Our main fabric is super-soft, Fairtrade-certified organic cotton, the yarn for which is spun in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, where it is also knitted and dyed. Design and cutting is done here, the last manufacturing step, equally Fairtrade-certified, is completed in Croatia. By adhering to Fairtrade standards, we enable producers from developing countries to improve their living and working conditions in a sustainable way.

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Regional We cooperate with suppliers near us who ensure transparent production conditions, from the printing of our look-books to our packaging, which is hand-sewn in a local charitable institution, to our fabric production.

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Vegan Our packaging and products are animal free.

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Organic Our cotton is being produced by using methods of “controlled organic farming” (natural fibres from certified organic cultivation). This certification identifies organic cotton which is cultivated in natural crop rotation, employing intelligent irrigation systems, and without using any genetically modified seeds, synthetic fertilisers, or pesticides. At the same time, these measures reduce both financial risks and health hazards for the producing smallholders, and contribute to water savings up to 91 %.

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Green In our endeavour to be a sustainable company we take care of even small details in our daily business. We use green electricity, and our shipping is taken care of by DHL GoGreen using second hand cardboard boxing and recyclable packaging. All our office and logistics processes are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.