Small busts are gorgeous. Just the way they are. That is why we founded AIKYOU, the lingerie label for small breasts. We are passionate about making small-boobed women feel wonderfully feminine in our underwear – entirely without any wires, paddings or push-ups. What’s more, from the very beginning, we have been working in a sustainable and eco-friendly way whenever possible. For us, this is a matter of the heart. And since we understand small cup lingerie issues from our own experience, we are always happy to be there for our customers.

Your bust can’t be “wrong”. But your bra might be – that’s something we are very sure of. Our special cuts and delicate materials highlight the beautiful assets of small breasts. Since we’d rather not even notice a bra when we are wearing one, our styles are fabulously light, soft, and mould to your body. This is what makes AIKYOU so comfy and pleasant to the skin.

AIKYOU is puristic, yet feminine. Our patterns look apparently simple, but are perfectly cut – because good design is important to us. Just like Coco Chanel once created the iconic Little Black Dress, we make “the little black bra”. The sophisticated and understated style of our underwear allows women’s allure and personality even more to shine. All details are elaborate and so pretty that our lingerie may even peek out from underneath and can be part of your styling. Thus, AIKYOU always feels right to wear, any day and on any occasion.

AIKYOU Bianca Gabriele